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Home Remodeling

When he wanted to do a home renovation, of course we have to calculate the required cost and if we are not careful, the original budget could swell. Then the following kick-kick save money so we can keep renovating our home but in a way that is efficient and of course without reducing the beauty of our homes.

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What are the tips for home renovation with frugal? Here are some tips for home renovation with efficient and quality:

Define the concept of the renovation are ripe
In this step, we determine which parts of the House that we want to fix it, how will we design, reuse old material or not. If you want to use old material certainly should be dismantled carefully in order not to be damaged. While the design is useful in order to determine the result as we want. Because when results don’t match, we have to uninstall it so that cost a lot more. By knowing the concept carefully also helps builders working on faster.

Specify the building materials and the quality of the building materials to be used
If indeed our funding is limited, there is no harm we use top-quality goods are or used items. When we choose carefully, we can find a second-hand but of good quality.

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The use of medium-quality items such as ceramic floors, wood, sills, or interior paint. Ceramic tiles are mounted with a good technique can produce a beautiful floor although using ceramic quality. While parts of the compulsory use of goods with good quality is at the Foundation of the House, the water pipes that are planted, the structure of the building, the roof frame. Can be imagined when in the earlier leaks or broken, of course we should dismantle it again which means it needs to spend money again. For exterior paints are also advised to use good quality because the outside of the House is usually hit by rain, the midday sun or moist air.

Remove one part renovation work
What is meant here is we don’t do one part of the job, so that the time used more quickly and can save on costs. For example: without walls plastered that can make the walls seem natural, without paint.

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The selection of payment method
Method of payment is generally divided into two, namely wholesale and daily. If indeed we’re certain what will be renovated and we already know the concept of the renovation are ripe, then it is better we use the system volume. Conversely, when the concept of the renovation we haven’t obviously we can pay the repairman on a daily basis.

Choose the right time for renovation
Renovation should not be done when the rainy season, because in this season of builders who are working on could be having difficulty. In addition, for the part that is outside that is being renovated into a hard dry and could even be damaged.

Minimalist Home Decor

Organize your decorating designs for minimalist House does indeed need to be more thoroughly and carefully, this is due to the limitation of land at home. If you are wrong a little bit in a minimalist home decor, organizing your home will look cluttered and too narrow. Each room also has a different decor. Living room decoration will be different with the dining room, the bedroom will be different with the family room and much more. On this occasion, we will discuss a minimalist home decor of the living room.

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Choosing The Right Minimalist Home Decor

On the minimalist House is usually the living room more often combined with the living room. This is due to the limitation of land at home. If any separate, only separated by a curtain or a small table. If separated by walls or large cabinets will make your House the more narrow. For the living room Setup does require a more minimalist home decor specifically, because this room that will be used to welcome your guests. For the living room better choose simple decorations, with sofas that are not so great. If you join the living room family room, choose a comfortable couch to gather with your family.

Guest Room Decor Decoration Minimalist House

Minimalist home decor does not need too luxury and also does not have too much. If you put too much decoration will make your living room look untidy. You simply drop the stuff that is indeed required. Put your collectibles in one corner of your living room. Could use a wooden shelf, shelf paste on the wall, a small table or can use the showcase whose size is not too large. Put in one section only, let me be the focus of your living room. This will be a great minimalist home interior.

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Be great if you put the couch on a small pillow. You can use plain or pillow pillow with a motive. Customize your stay with the theme of your home. don’t forget to adjust the color of the furniture with wall color with the color of your home or the home of your minimalist window sills. If you organize them with sleek, minimalist home decor will be a beautiful and comfortable.

Wall Colours for Houses

Want to replace the home atmosphere? One way is to do are paint the walls your house. Steps to restart direct not only tincture polish paint on the wall of the house. There are some steps so that the paint stick properly and produce a perfect look.

In General, the things that must be done when the will is preparing the tincture to be worthy of the wall is painted, then continued with a priming coat on walls and painting. The following steps are repeated repainting the walls:

Specify The Color Of The Paint
Determine the color of paint for the room. Diverse colour may confuse you make a decision. As an aid, you can discuss with your family or to consult a designer.

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The colors chosen should remain in harmony with the existing furnishings. The goal, so that the paint color is not contradictory and impressed lame.

Protect Your Furniture
So that the furniture is not exposed to splashes or droplets of paint, move furniture to a safe place. If the furniture is too large or is not allowed to move, cover your furniture with plastic or newspaper. If you use a parquet floor, don’t forget to cover it because the paint can seep and difficult to clean.

Peel The Old Paint
Old paint peeled so that new paint should stick to and produce a good color. What if the old paint is already peeling. For maximum results, peel the paint until the cement layers visible.

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Check and Fix the wall
Before starting to paint, you should check the condition of the wall. Things checked among others with measuring the humidity of walls, we recommend the low-wall humidity. The other thing with checking whether there is a seepage on the walls, cracks, cracks or nails.

If the conditions are not ideal as the example above, fix the wall first before starting to paint. For damp walls and seepage, searching to know the cause and repair. If there are cracks or nails, needs to be patched first so that walls become flattened. To repair cracks or gaps can be used wall wall filler and putty. If the patch is less sticky, you can widen the cracks and filling with patches. After the mongering, flatten with sandpaper.

Clean The Wall
Clean the walls of dirt or mold so that new paint can stick perfectly. Mold can be cleaned by means of peeled and given anti-fungal coating.

Lightly coat with Priming
Priming is commonly used with the lining wall sealer. Its function is to make the new paint can be attached perfectly with old paint the wall or sticking.

If the wall surfaces have been pared to look cement, suitable priming priming is alkaline resisting. What is meant by alkali cement is a kind of salt water from the mortar that has not been dried perfectly. Reaction brought about met paint if alkali is the paint will be difficult to stick to, so in some old paint so distended, chipped or loss.

The purpose of alkali resisting he overlaid is so that the paint does not directly come into contact with the cement. Priming deployment is also useful in order that the desired color appears perfect. Priming do not be mixed with the diluent.

Lightly coat with first layer
Before coating with paint first, make sure the base paint has dried completely. For the first layer, paint mixed with a diluent with a share of 5%-20%. As the diluent, can use tiner or water.

Lightly coat with a second layer of
Repeat the painting after the first coat of paint to dry. Purpose is to make the appropriate color is obtained and perfect. The second layer of paint also remained mixed with the same portion of the diluent (5-20%).